About Me

Justynasart is a unique gemstone jewellery, handmade with love and care to bring you a little inspiration and enjoyment everyday. 

My name is Justyna and I am the owner, designer, and photographer of Justynasart.
I studied fine art painting at Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, before moving to England in 2005. Inspired by nature, I am drawn to the colours, the light and the sparkle from the crystal sea to the drops of dew on the early morning grass. I love the subtle shades and dynamic hues in flower petals, and like to explore harmony and composition. My paintings reflect my love of silence and meditation, and I was fortunate to have several London exhibitions.

I particularly admire natural gemstones and crystals. I love the way the light is reflected and refracted through the cut stones, and my jewellery designs are inspired by their properties.

There is a fascination with the myths and legends associated with the stones, creating wonderful magical stories. Many have deep, symbolic meanings that some believe have a power and significance of their own.

I take time to create my art, and I enjoy each stage of the process. From choosing the perfect stone, to working the metal, to photographing the final pieces. The work is slow, thoughtful and deliberate. My heart is in every detail, ensuring that your chosen piece is perfect for you.

Each treasure is individually designed and made with love by me in England, using ethically sourced, high quality metals and gemstones, and each will have its own story.

with Love,
Justyna x