JUSTYNASART - unique gemstone jewellery - handmade with love and care to bring you a little inspiration and enjoyment everyday. 


My name is Justyna and I am the owner/designer of JUSTYNASART. I enjoy spending some time in nature everyday, soaking up the atmosphere, the colours and the light. The influence of my surroundings always seem to find it's way into my creative expressions somehow. My background is as a fine artist, and I think my appreciation of art has greatly influenced my approach to jewellery design. This may be noticeable in the way I blend colours, for example, or the way I use texture quite extensively to create subtle detailing.
I am totally inspired by the jewellery materials themselves - gemstones, crystals and metals. Everyday I delight in the raw materials that sit in my studio. I love to let my imagination wander and pick out little colour stories that weave from one item to another. I like to work intuitively, allowing ideas to unfold naturally.

I take my time during creative process and put my heart into every piece, making sure you are wearing something special and unique. You can be sure that all natural gemstones and metals used are carefully selected to guarantee quality products. All the jewellery is handmade with love, by me in my home Studio.

Thank you for visiting JUSTYNASART and spending a little time here with me!

With love,